The Inventing Hub

In mid-April 2016, we’re launching the first Stott and May Inventing Hub: a training academy designed to give potential new hires a better career boost than any fizzy drink. Created to give enrolees with limited or no experience the right grounding in a number of target markets, topics, and best practices, it serves as a guided tour through our metaphorical chocolate factory (don’t worry, no one’s getting trapped in a tube or turned into a giant blueberry) and a terrific first step in your long, fulfilling career in recruitment. Our main criterion is passion: if you’re sincere, motivated and hungry to learn as much as you can about your chosen market, we want to hear from you – and hopefully bring you on board.

The Inventing Hub will provide a rounded curriculum with practical and theoretical components – taught by experienced sector experts. The markets it will cover will include, Finance, Tech Sales, IT Infrastructure and Cloud, as well as Cyber and Information Security – where specialist knowledge has become essential in the aftermath of numerous high-profile IT security attacks.

Stephen Stott, CEO and co-founder, comments: “We’ve never been a “normal” recruitment agency; we hire music makers, dreamers of dreams. I’m enormously proud of the programme we’ve created for our new inventors: it simultaneously gets their industry knowledge up to speed and encourages them to put their creativity to full use.”

Our approach has always been a little different – and the new employees who’ve stepped into our great glass elevator in the past are happier for it. Just ask Benjamin Fairhall, who joined our Centre of Excellence’s autumn 2015 intake and (scarcely six months later) serves as one of our lead inventors:
“I came to Stott and May after a stint in insurance sales”, he says. “Five months later, I’d tripled my salary. I’ve won a ski trip, and I’m currently on course to become the company’s top biller. Learning from Stott and May’s experts improved my subject matter knowledge, but it also boosted my confidence.”

Of course, you never stop learning – and we never stop supporting your education. While on-the-job experience is critical, we provide training and development opportunities after you’ve left the Inventing Hub. Members of our staff like Aditi Fernandes have gone on to receive a Prince2 certification, and recently became an Associate Director. At Stott and May, we think of every new hire as a potential future board member.

If you’re interested in honing your skills and becoming part of one of the many Hubs happening this year, at one of the best companies to work for in the industry (according to the Sunday Times, in any industry) and taking on some new challenges, we’ve got a perfect puzzle for you. Contact us today at for more information.