ICAEW Salary Survey 2015 Report

ICAEW & Stott and May Partnership
Our credibility in the market place has been boosted by the ICAEW partnership we formed in 2012.  As their chosen collaborator and sponsor, we are able to offer unique information to both our clients and our candidates. Our involvement includes organising and attending networking events and seminars, and providing career advice and market insight to our network. Our clients gain exclusive access to our ACA members, ahead of our competitors.

The ICAEW and Stott and May Salary Survey 2015 has shown the average annual basic salary for an ICAEW Chartered Accountant working in business has stayed broadly stable at £90,200 (compared to £90,800 in 2014), and that the average bonus has remained relatively static at £20,600 (£20,500 in 2014).

The gender pay gap, however, has widened among ICAEW Chartered Accountants working in business. Male chartered accountants in business earn an average salary of £100.9k compared to females who earn an average of £63.9k, a gap which has increased by 5.4% since 2014. The pay gap is narrowest among chartered accountants under 30, who also enjoyed a slight pay rise from last year.

The gender pay gap remains partly due to demographics and partly due to the working circumstances of men and women. Men are more likely to work in senior roles, the private sector and in regions where salaries are typically higher. Women are more likely to work part-time and in public or not-for-profit organisations where salaries are typically lower.

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