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The responsibilities of a security architect are, to some extent, encapsulated in the job title: they are there to build a framework to protect your company’s systems. The actual day-to-day activities of the job, however, vary widely. 

When it comes to security architect recruitment, candidates should naturally have excellent technical skills – but the role is a multifaceted one, and your eventual hire should wear many hats. It is simultaneously a big and small-picture role: there must be a clear, realistic top-level strategy, but they must also account for contingencies and areas of potential error: a seemingly minor flaw in a system’s design can cause untold problems upon implementation. 

What does a security architect do? 

A security architect may report to a CISO or other executive, but protecting vital information and systems is largely up to them. Businesses will often have more than one security architect – though the precise number will vary based on the size and requirements of the company in question: Visa Europe has 11, for example, while Sony UK had considerably fewer.   

They must liaise with key stakeholders to determine the company’s most immediate requirements. They should be able to assess the infrastructure and highlight areas of deficiency – and areas where potential improvements can be made. They should know their team inside out: their competencies and their gaps in competency alike. Some may do low-level design and coding, but this is by no means universal. 

Finally, a security architect is responsible for collaborating with different vendors to find and purchase new tech – and incorporate it into the company’s existing infrastructure. 

Ultimately, their goal is to create and deliver a security architecture that at once protects the business against known existing threats – and does whatever it can to insulate it against unforeseen future threats. 

Key qualities 

Good security architect recruitment requires an eye for several key attributes beyond simple technical proficiency. 

Naturally, leadership is vital. Because it’s the role of security architects to identify flaws and deficiencies in the workforce’s approach to information and systems protection, they must have clear, identifiable means of fixing them and mentoring other members of the team. 

Accordingly, communication skills should be highly sought after during the security architect recruitment process. To establish requirements, it’s necessary to talk to members of staff who may not have the same level of technical understanding, so they should be able to distil complex ideas into comprehensible English. 

Most importantly, they will have remarkable organisational abilities. A quality security architect will be able to plan an implementation within a timeframe that is realistic and budget-friendly.

Why Stott and May? 

At Stott and May, we have an extensive history of security architect recruitment. Our network contains thousands of qualified, experienced candidates, and our consultants have market and industry knowledge in information security that is unmatched elsewhere in the sector. 

Our information security recruitment team covers all sectors, including banking, financial services, foreign exchange, hedge funds, investment banking, telecommunications, retail, oil and gas, and consultancy. Some of the security architect roles we recruit for are:

  • Security architect
  • Security solution architect
  • Systems security specialist
  • Network security specialist
  • IT security manager
  • System design architect

And if your staffing needs are more diverse, our information security recruitment also covers information risk and ISO 27001 recruitment

To discuss your security architect recruitment needs, contact Farhan Khan – our information security practice lead – today.  

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