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Our unparalleled industry reputation, market knowledge and network enable us to deliver strategic recruitment solutions with clarity and discretion. Forming consultative partnerships with clients, we operate across EMEA, within vendor, reseller, consultancy and end user.


Information theft and cybercrime is an undeniable business threat, having gained more prominence in recent years, as large corporates such as TalkTalk and Sony Pictures fell victim to highly publicised attacks.
It is estimated that 5.1 million cyber-attacks occurred over the past year, with a further 2.5 million offences reported under the Computer Misuse Act. More than half of these victims suffered a financial loss.
Information security can no longer be pushed to the back of your mind, it should be an essential IT consideration that requires businesses to build a solid IT security staff complement. But where do you find these people? And how to you know that they have the skills required to get the job done?
Finding experienced IT security staff can be a daunting and difficult task, especially given the importance of filling these roles with reputable people.
Enter expert information security recruiters, Stott and May, a leading specialist IT security recruitment agency.
How information security recruitment can solve your dilemma
Qualified IT security professionals are in short supply and convincing top professionals to leave their current jobs to join your company may require more resources than you have available. 

This is where the help of a specialist IT recruitment agency, with the right resources to source and secure the people you need to optimally protect your business, will prove essential.
Stott and May’s information security recruitment service
As an experienced IT security recruiter, Stott and May knows that network vulnerabilities cannot always be detected, assessed and eliminated by only one individual. To ensure that your business undergoes the necessary changes required and develops a company culture of IT safety, you will need IT professionals to target all the different spheres of your business.
Stott and May is better placed than any of our competitors to offer this service. We are the only IT security recruitment agency with an in-house Centre of Excellence where every new consultant receives specialist training in current trends and safety methodologies.
Because of this, our staff’s level of industry knowledge and insight is always up to date, and they will work with you to secure hires that exactly meet your specific business requirements, to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible.

Why Stott and May?
IT security professionals can be sourced from a variety of backgrounds – ranging from IT departments at blue-chip companies to the military.
Knowing where to find someone who fits your specific requirements is difficult, whether it be someone with ISO 27001 certification, an information risk manager, a security architect, or another information security role, so make use of an IT security recruiter with an extensive network of existing contacts and the resources necessary to find exactly what you need.
Stott and May ticks both of these boxes. Headquartered in London (and with offices in Thames Valley and New York), we’ve successfully placed candidates in markets across the UK, EMEA, and the USA. Amongst others, some of these roles include:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • CIO
  • Head of Risk Management
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Security Officer
  • Application Security Specialist
  • Network Security Manager

Partnering with an experienced information security recruitment agency is imperative to your company’s future safety and success. Contact us today to discuss your IT security requirements and find out how our specialist IT security recruitment team can help.


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